First video on BihunTV

This is my first youtube video that I post it on BihunTV like 2 weeks ago. Filming this learned me a lot!  First able I learned that making videos is not that simple that it looks like haha. When I was making this a lot of people were looking at me like I were a freaking  alien, they looked at me and I thing that they were saying something like : „OH Man! What the hell is he having in his hand!?” or „Damn! He looks so funny with this thing haha” . At the beginning I was feeling uncomfortable, but after few minutes I relaxed. It is really importand to not shy when you are recording something! To make vid I used:

  •   Camera: GoPro Hero 3 Silver Edition
  •  Mount:  Telescope – witch I made on my own. if u whant I can make a vid specially for you to show how did I make it 😉


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